Complex problem solving? The key is to CREATE TOGETHER!

We can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. If you try to THINK your way out of complexity, stop. We can only CREATE solutions, step by step. That means accepting complexity and embracing the unknown. It’s exciting!  

The key is to ‘create together’. I do this in 4 ways: 

  • Training people in VISUAL FACILITATION, an essential business skill
  • Creating a future-proof FOUNDATION for collaboration in your project
  • Innovation professionals experience the ESSENTIALS of visual thinking
  • From the stage I give a ENGAGING EXPERIENCE to unlock their creativity



1 Dag training in het maken van een GEDEELD BEELD zodat je effectief kan samenwerken 


Start je project met inspiratie en helderheid in beeld & verhaal

WORKSHOP VISUEEL WERKEN Jouw team leert visueel werken, zodat iedereen snel en duidelijk kan uitleggen wat bedoeld wordt.


From the stage I'll take your crowd along in an energetic experience that will unlock their own creativity! [Get in touch]

AMAZING clients I work with

Hi! I'm Jefta Bade.

For the past 7 years I've been helping banks and governments to improve their teamwork. Visualizing is my SUPER POWER.

I've been feature in the ING Bank's Dutch national campagne, see the article at

I believe that visual facilitation in a business context isn't entertainment but THE ONE critical skill that unlocks all other 21st century skills!

Let's talk! Reach me at +316 4777 0999

Or message me! 

High Five, Jefta