I am passionate about co-creation and entrepreneurship.

Over the last 10 years I’ve co-founded multiple initiatives, always involving and empowering people.
In 2013 I produced a feature movie in the project “Wij de Speelfilm van Haarlemmermeer” activating and co-creating a movie with 900 people.

I did this while working almost full-time as a visual translator.
For years I facilitated creative sessions in the financial and consulting sectors to translate complex processes into functional illustrations that bring clarity.

To get better at facilitating and leading groups I followed personal development and leadership trainings.
Now I have formed my own vision on Facilitating Leadership.

To better understand people’s thinking and to ask questions that disrupt their standard thought patterns I got certified as a personal coach.
Now I can defuse conflict situations and make subjective values practical.

What I have learned from facilitating over 150 creative sessions is how to unlock a group's potential by creating flow.

Group flow is that moment when everybody is in the zone and contributing without ego. Then creative energy goes through the roof! Performance increases fivefold. Wow!

It’s not an accident! There is a recipe to do this EVERY TIME!
The key is to create the right circumstances for people to work in.

I want all of us to work in environments that bring the out the best in us.

That’s why I’ve started sharing these insights so you can do it too!


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