If you want to bring more energy, clarity and effectiveness to your projects - use visualizations.

This is not just about using images, it’s about the process of translating your thinking into meaningful drawings.

A lot of people tell me (and you might recognize this), that:
In projects people are disengaged and energy is low...
In meetings there is lot’s of talking but little action...
People in organizations lack ‘real’ connection...
Groups of people agree ‘something’ must be done, but they can’t agree on what...

And I get it! While working together the challenges are:

    • People stick to their own opinion
    • There is a ‘they’ vs. ‘us’ mentality
    • People use similar words but mean totally different things

The beauty of a visualization process is that it handles all these challenges!

Creating an image of your shared goal is:

Inclusive - it invites others to contribute
Simple - it makes you drill down to the essence
Solution focused - you’ll be thinking in possibilities
Constructive - you’ll want to add to the solution
Creative - it triggers the imagination

We can do this proces of visualizing your thinking with your team, your organization and with external stakeholders. See below for my services:

I get to work with AMAZING people and this is what they say:

Maaike Moolhuijsen
Department Nature and Biodiversity - Ministry of Economic Affaires

Peter Clausman
Founder of School of Mavericks

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