"A BAD team can mess up a good plan, but a great team can make even a bad plan work."

Invest in people so they can build great teams

I focus on the starting phase of projects - when people form a team around their purpose (their project) and learn how to make it work.
In this critical phase I make subjective things like values and feelings practical and visible - by visualising them.

"Working from values is the future"

- Chris Julien (researcher - philosopher)

What binds people are the values they share. Most people only talk in vague terms about these things. I specialise in making values and intrinsic motivation simple, clear and usable.

In that way people can use their values constructively to build relationships and create results beyond their own expectations.

As a trainer and facilitator I provide workshops to starting teams, like:

Visualising is an incredibly powerful tool that drives clarity and creates shared mental models - a foundation for teamwork.
I believe this is the most critical 21st century skill of all.
And I can teach you.


In 1 day you’ll learn graphic note taking and live visualisation techniques combined with the visual story structure.


The 2 day advanced course where you learn to facilitate your team in drawing and creating a shared mental model using simple tools and structure.

As a leadership coach I provide programs that forge a group of people into a self-directing team that moves with a purpose.


A 3 day program for hybrid teams to get to know and trust each other while creating a shared purpose and project strategy.


Together we will translate your complex challenge into a functional drawing and design an interactive process to involve stakeholders on a larger scale.